achieving this one of a kind moment fulfilled with passion and enthusiasm is our ambition. sandart is a very fascinating and breathtaking form of presentation, especially when it comes together with a unique story and powerful music. in our view, sandart in general is a very valuable live communication tool for brand communication. since 2008 we have created more than 100 customized sandshows causing a strong relationship between the decision-makers and their target group.

we always create unique show concepts in order to make this one of a kind moment
as perfect as possible.

event sandshows

every event is unique, thus let our sandshow follow this original idea. we create customized sandart shows on the base of our clients' needs because we believe in this very inspirational moment of fascinating the whole target audience with an exceptional sandart performance.
expect everything and create a memorable sandshow with us

exhibition sandshows

trade fairs offer numerous applications for our sandshow. we have developed different solution concepts following the idea of a sustainable brand communication before, during and after the onsite presentation.
solution concepts for POS marketing and B2B & B2C relationship management

award sandshows

introducing award celebrations as well as their individual categories with sandart shows brings people and awards together. laureates and audience experience within the live shows a unique and innovative award ceremony.
sandart is live communication for special moments



creating sandart shows for people is a privilege. we are aware that sharing personal ideas with us needs mutual confidence. on this account we deal with personal information very responsible. in so doing we try to achieve a trustful cooperation with the objective of creating a powerful sandshow arousing the audiences’ emotions.

it’s all about people, everywhere and at any time – your ideas make our sandshow unique

personal sandshows

creating personal sandshows for private occasions means a trustful relationship between artist and client. in this regard we provide a very sensitive support to achieve a highly emotional story with remarkable moments of your life.
recommended for
weddings, anniversaries, jubilees and personal greetings

public sandshows

one of our most sensitive performances was an outdoor sandshow in regensburg, as more than 3.000 people came into the city to watch a fascinating show. we like this kind of feeling within public shows.
let's create more powerful moments

sandart workshops

sandart workshops are a great opportunity to get in touch with sand and its ability of creating images within seconds. at the moment we offer workshops only the base of an individual booking. please feel free to get in contact with us.
recommended for
group & team building, customer events and other occasions